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Fireworks Field Trip

October 31, 2017
Greetings All,
Please find attached a map and directions to meet at the home of one of our members for photographing the fireworks on Tuesday night.
William Holmes
10 Lakeview Park
Contact Willie on 6632 7091
or Anita on 078 7156 1616
We will aim to meet there for 7.30pm on Tuesday. From there we will walk down Algeo Drive (Lake view Park) towards the playing fields to make photos. If you arrive late you may need to phone me to locate us.
Willie has invited people for a cuppa afterwards too. Traffic is likely to be busy up there, prior to the event and afterwards too.
Please can you try to set your camera to:
Manual mode
ISO – 100 or 200
aperture – f8
shutter speed – 5 seconds
I don’t know what we will get with these settings but it’s a starting point.
If our images are black we need to let in more light by opening up the aperture (e.g. f5.6) OR increase the shutter speed (open for 10 seconds) OR increase ISO to 200. Just change one of these, not all of them! We will be learning as we go!
If your camera can’t go to manual mode then we will use shutter priority mode, with ISO 100 or 200 and 5 seconds. (Camera will automatically set the aperture)
Check out beforehand, using your camera manual, if your camera can make ‘multiple exposures’. You can play with that during the fireworks too.
Things to bring with you:
cable release if you have one, or know where your self-timer is
warm clothing! nothing worse than being cold when you’re trying to photograph!
I am attaching links to documents with good information about photographing fireworks.
If anyone wants additional practice on fireworks then I’m aware of another display which is being held by SEFF at the old Lisnaskea High School on Monday 30th somewhere from 9pm onwards but I don’t know the time for sure.
See you on Tuesday!
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